Non-Linear Stratagems in Theory and Practice: Examples from Iranian Cyber Policies

In this report, we explore the emergence of a host of “non-linear” stratagems aimed at exploiting pre-existing structural ...

Mon Jan 30
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The Week in #Iran Social Media

A real mixed bag of treats from this week. None of the ISIS horrorshow made it to the top! #ISISMEDIABLACKOUT. A low ...

Mon Aug 25
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Liking Facebook in Tehran: Social Networking in Iran

This report, based on an online survey of Iranian Facebook users, contributes to a small but growing body of scholarship on social ...

Fri Mar 14
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Cyberspace reports

Persian Cyberspace Report: January 15th- 31st

Users in Persian cyberspace commented on IRIB's ban on musical instruments, a Tehran garment building fire, and photo of Iranian teacher who shaved head in solidarity with bullied ...

Wed Feb 5