Are you interested in media in Iran? Are you involved in any research and/or media activity related to Iran? Would you be interested in contributing to our site?

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The Iran Media Program

The Iran Media Program is a collaborative network designed to enhance the understanding of Iran's media ecology. Our goal is to strengthen a global network of Iranian media scholars and practitioners (the Iran Media Scholars Network) and to contribute to Iran's civil society and the wider policy-making community by providing a more nuanced understanding of the role of media and the flow of information in Iran.

The program’s process of inquiry and analysis will use innovative approaches to interpret systems of communication in Iran, from blogging, SMS text messaging and the Internet, to more traditional vehicles such as television programming and radio– and which channels are the most influential. We are interested in the contribution, as well, of information flows of popular culture, religious communication and other non-traditional mediums, such as art and drama. Through various activities, including lectures, workshops, sponsored sessions at international conferences, informal speakers series, we will seek to energize discourse and build a network.

We encourage you to contribute to the network through joining the forums, contributing a blog or comments to a blog, adding expert commentary to the weekly news bulletin and news analysis, as well as responding to calls for papers and participation in conferences, lectures, and workshops.

We are looking to establish partnerships with universities, businesses, and organizations working within and outside of Iran, who have an interest in Iran's media environment, and if your organization is interested, we encourage you to reach out to us.

The Iran Media Program is a project of the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Monroe Price is the Principal Investigator.