Persian Cyberspace Report: Special Edition -- Online Reactions to the Occupation of the British Embassy

This week: In this week’s edition of the Persian cyberspace report we analyse the controversial and contradictory perspectives of online Iranians regarding the occupation of the British Embassy in Tehran, including pictures taken inside the embassy by the perpetrators. We will update the report as and when new information becomes available.

Persian Cyberspace Report: 2-8 May 2011

Last week, Reflections on the conflict between Ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmood Ahmadinejad; Conservative Bloggers Support the People of Bahrain at an Iran vs. Saudi Arabia Football Match; Bin Laden’s Death and the Persian Webosphere; Iranian Webosphere and the Royal Wedding are highlighted discussions in Persian cyberspace.

New light shed on the Iranian Cyber Army

Two intelligence and security officers in Iran have made some new comments about cyber war which reveals some new aspects of the structure of the Iranian cyber army.