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Minister of Intelligence: "No computer viruses can enter Iran", Iran creates virtual prayer portal, beta version of clean and Islamic Facebook launched, behind Iran's war on satellite TVs

Iran has signed media cooperation agreements with German state TV and the National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia. These agreements were signed at the Cannes Film Festival that also hosts an annual International trade exhibition for the film producers and distributors.

In the past 30 years, Iranian officials have used different labels to refer to those who are not in line with official views and principles. This article provides an overview of the recent and more popular ones.

Tehran Times and Manilla Times sign 3 year media agreement to the exchange news, workforce training as well as technical and research cooperation.

Afghan-Iranian-Tajik TV project is still in limbo. According to an Iranian official, Afghan and Tajik counterparts are not actively following the project. It can be attributed to their fears of Iran expanding its influence in these countries, mainly by promoting Shia Islam.

Iran’s Press TV airs forced interview with Maziar Bahari in the UK; faces sanctions. Press TV challenges the ruling.

Behind Iran’s war on foreign satellite TV

Iran’s Vice Minister of Culture defends Danish director’s Nazi gaffes at Cannes.

Also, please see the Iran Media Program's weekly Persian Cyberspace Report. This Week: Reflections on the death of Nasser Hejazi in Persian cyberspace; Is the 2nd of Khordad an important day for the Iranian people?; Khatami’s controversial statements regarding national reconciliation.

From the Farsi Newsletter

The immense popularity of the recent entertainment satellite TV channels is forcing the IRIB to react and improve its programming. In a latest move, IRIB decided to copy and launch its own version of a popular program on Manoto, which is a successful Persian Satellite TV channel based in London. The program on Manoto is originally called "Come Dine with Me" and is broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK. The show features a number of amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants.

Ali Shamkhani, Minister of Defense during Khatami’s presidency and currently head of the Defense Research Center, has said that the soft war is 100 times deadlier than any military intervention.

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi complained about increases in postal charges, which makes it more expensive to mail religious books. He also urged the government to be firmer on dealing with “seditious cyber activities.”

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence announced that his ministry has total control of Iran’s information space and it will not allow any computer virus to enter Iran.

The organization in charge of religious trusts announced that it is planning to launch virtual portals for the most popular Imam Zadeh shrine (religious site where sons of Shiite Imams are buried). These portals will allow Iranians to do their prayers virtually.

Iran has launched the beta version of its clean and Islamic version of Facebook. It has been developed by Tebyan which is very well resourced online media portal in Iran, which aims to produce “good” material. It is controlled by the Organization for Promoting the Islamic Revolution.

Payame Noor University (which offers distance learning) launched the first official virtual university in Iran. Meanwhile, at least 10 staff involved with the Virtual University for Bahai students in Iran were arrested. Bahai’s are denied the right of higher education in Iran.



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