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Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs hacked, Farsi1 channel blamed for 15% of Iranian divorces, Twitter site for clerics launched, and 6000 Basijis will create clean and 'halal' internets that will be offered to other countries

Anonymous hacked the website of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leaked 10,000 of its emails, which are mostly related to consular affairs.  It has been argued that it is a major blow to Iran’s “e-government” plans. Just a few days before this incident, Iran’s Minister of Intelligence warned Iranian public and private companies about cyber attacks and strengthening their online systems against them.

The Iran Media Program’s director Mahmood Enayat was quoted in the Wall Street Journal's article on the national Internet in IranThe Week has published a round up of reactions to the announcement that Iran would create its own national internet.

Iran and China on Saturday underlined the need for the further expansion of media cooperation between the two countries.

Also, please see the Iran Media Program's weekly Persian Cyberspace Report. This Week: Iranian “Come Dine With Me” proves itself to be a new battlefield on television

From the Farsi Newsletter

Iranian judiciary official Majid Abhari blamed Farsi1 satellite TV channel for influencing the populace with Western programs and causing 15% of divorces in Iran. He said that Farsi1 is part of a soft war against Iran and that it is run by Zionists.

According to an Iranian MP, not having ready access to IRIB TV channels across Iran has encouraged many to watch Persian language Satellite TV channels instead.

The website of Haft-e-Sobh (Seven in the Morning) which is close to Ahmadinejad and Mashaie has been blocked in Iran. The site has asked its audience to pray for this problem to get solved.

Iran's Minister of ICT has said that Iran has managed to defeat its enemies in the Cyber War.

Iran's deputy of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Masoud Jazayeri, blamed Mashaie and his team for letting the soft war into Iran. However, according to him, it has failed due to the wise decision making of the Supreme Leader.

There are 130 Christian websites operating in Farsi and 120 of them are based outside Iran, promoting Christianity in Iran.

According to Iran's minister of ICT, 6000 Basijis will help clean the Internet and create a ‘Clean Internet’ in Iran, which, once in place, will be offered to other countries as well. He also said that there will be a "Halal Internet" alongside the clean Internet which will exclusively be offered to the Islamic countries.

Iran has launched its own version of Twitter exclusively for clerics and religious scholars. Its address is

The website of Kashan's Friday Prayer leader was taken offline after he revealed details of the conflict between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

The Iran Media Program has announced its Call for Papers for a "Cinema in Iran: Circulation, Censorship and Cultural Production" conference, to be held in Berlin, Germany December 16-18, 2011. Please circulate to anyone to whom it may be of interest.


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