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Basij Head writes soft war poetry, Ministry of IT: 'linking to filtered sites helps the enemy', 250 movie download sites filtered, Minister of Interior: social networking sites and online chatting destabilize family foundations

Iranian state media claims shooting down of US drone flying near nuclear facility; denied by the US; denied by Revolutionary Guards who then released a statement suggesting to Iranian media to be careful to only report information given them "by the relevant authorities of the armed forces."

Head of Iran’s Basij militia pens poem about the soft war.

Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami says the excerpts he selected from Rumi's Divan of Shams and published in his recent book are like text messages he sends to readers. "There are some couplets in the Divan of Shams which can be used as text messages. I am not very familiar with text messages, however, they are the language of our time and should not be disregarded," Kiarostami mentioned at the ceremony.

Lebanese Forces launch own web-based TV to counteract Iran/Hezbollah influence.

Analysis: Cyber Westphalia: Early pioneers tended to see the Internet as a force of nature that would forever remain outside the governance of states. When they talked of the Internet, they often retreated into a kind of folksy populism, sometimes a little prone to pomp and hyperbole. Nowadays, with states imposing their wills on the Internet more than ever before, remnants of that early optimism -- such as talking about the Internet as the eighth continent -- are still present but seem to be little more than wishful thinking.

Persian Cyberspace Report 19 July - 25 July 2011: Death was pervasive in the Persian webosphere this week. This report covers Iranian cyberspace comments on the Norway terrorist attacks and also Persian cyberspace reactions to Rezaienejad’s assassination, a masters student in electronic engineering who was killed by an unknown assailant in Tehran.

From the Farsi Newsletter

The IRIB was criticized by the Supreme Leader for not promoting books.  In reaction, the Intermim Director of the Islamic revolution Association of Publishers announced that a radio station dedicated to book reading and publishing will be launched soon.

The head of the committee in charge of filtering said that Google+ was filtered in Iran on a cautionary basis, similar to the filtering of Facebook.

Iran's Minister of the Interior, Mostafa Najjar, branded Facebook, Satellite TV channels, and online chatting as examples of soft war. He added that the West is using them to destabilize family foundations in Iran.

Iran's Minister of Intelligence talked about creating a rift between students and teachers in Iran through online social networking sites as one of the new goals of the enemy's soft war in Iran.

250 sites that were providing pirated movie downloads were recently filtered in Iran.

Iran's Minister of IT and Communication listed creating a safe Internet for families, collecting data, and management of emails as the objectives of the national Internet in Iran.

The Deputy Director of the Ministry in charge of IT Development said that linking to filtered social networking and news sites is "against the spirit of law," as it helps the enemy.



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