Khat Khati

Founded in 2009, Khat Khati (Doodle) is a monthly magazine published in Tehran and focused entirely on cartoons and satire. Frequently publishing bold cartoons that border on crossing government red lines, Khat Khati has come to replace and continue on the path of a similar publication, Gol Agha (Mr. Flower), which was founded in 1990, but eventually shut down.

President and managing director Kiarash Zandi frequently publishes open letters in defense of cartoonists harassed and arrested by government officials. Zandi wrote that the arrests of cartoonists is “a repetitious and sometimes dismal tale” in defense of Hadi Heydari, whose 2012 cartoon in Shargh showed a row of men blindfolding each other and resulted in the paper being shut down by the government for several months.

Khat Khati also pioneered a specialized genre of advertising through cartoons. Below are advertisements in this style, the first one for a car and the second for Galaxy Tab.